Overlook Island

From The Wind Waker Randomizer

Overlook Island is located at G1. It has a Secret Cave, a Blue Chuchu, and a sunken treasure.


Early Cave Entrance

Requires Door Cancel:



Original Item: Triforce Chart 8

Type: Combat Secret Caves

There is a combat cave that can be accessed by using the Hookshot to grab the trees located on top of the island's structures. The cave can also be accessed using chest storage from another island. The cave contains six rooms; five of them contain enemies, and the final room will be unlocked when all of the enemies are defeated. The final room contains pots with large amounts of rupees and a chest that will spawn when the player plays Wind's Requiem on the wind logo on the floor. The chest contains a Triforce Chart in the vanilla game.

Sunken Treasure

Original Item: Secret Cave Chart

Type: Sunken Treasure

Open the treasure chart for Overlook Islandand salvage up the treasure using the Grappling Hook. Without randomized charts, the chart for Overlook Island is Treasure Chart 13.