From The Wind Waker Randomizer

Enemies are actors in-game that will attempt to attack Link. Enemies are found across the overworld and in dungeons and caves. Unlike other Zelda games, most mini-bosses appear as regular enemies after being fought for the first time. Many enemies drop only basic collectables such as hearts and rupees, but some drop specific spoils exclusive to that enemy. Further information on each enemy can be found on its corresponding page.


Health/Hit points

The table below summarizes the hit points for each enemy in the game. Further information is found on each individual page or the enemy health spreadsheet.

Enemy Hero Sword
Boko Baba 4
Bokoblin (Blue) 5
Bokoblin (Green) 7
Bokoblin (Pink) 5
Bubble (Blue) 2
Bubble (Red) 2
Chuchu (Green) 2
Chuchu (Red) 1
Darknut 10
Darknut (Mighty) 20
Floormaster 12
Kargarok 2
Keese 1
Keese (Fire) 1
Magtail 2 (Uncurled) + 6 (Curled)
Miniblin 2
Moblin 10
Mothula (Ground) 2
Mothula (Winged) 4 (Winged) + 7 (Grounded)
Peahat 1
Poe 4 (While solid)
Rat 1
Redead 10
Stalfos 16 (Body) + 16 (Head)
Wizzrobe 4
Wizzrobe (Spawner) 8
Red Wizzrobe 12