Sunken treasure

From The Wind Waker Randomizer

Sunken treasure is a chest that can be gathered from the bottom of the ocean by using the Grappling Hook while on the boat over the sea. Sunken treasure can be found by salvaging over light rings that appear in the sea when their corresponding Treasure Chart has been opened or when their corresponding Triforce Chart has been both opened and deciphered by Tingle. Light rings will also appear when defeating Big Octos and certain Gunboats. There are also light rings that appear in the overworld without any charts or enemies--with some only appearing at night--but these will not be randomized on any settings and will only contain Rupees.

Randomizer Settings

There are three settings that will effect whether sunken treasure has progression items: Big Octos and Gunboats, Sunken Treasure (from Triforce Charts), and Sunken Treasure (from Treasure Charts).

Big Octos and Gunboats

Big Octos

** The Big Octo at Two-Eye Reef has a Great Fairy instead of sunken treasure, and will only contain progression items if both Big Octos and Gunboats and Great Fairies are selected.


Sunken Treasure (from Triforce Charts)

  1. Greatfish Isle
  2. Gale Isle
  3. Stone Watcher Island
  4. Outset Island
  5. Cliff Plateau Isles
  6. Southern Triangle Isle
  7. Seven-Star Isles
  8. Two-Eye Reef

Sunken Treasure (from Treasure Charts)

  1. Private Oasis
  2. Rock Spire Isle
  3. Eastern Fairy Island
  4. Southern Fairy Island
  5. Thorned Fairy Island
  6. Six-Eye Reef
  7. Star Island
  8. Western Fairy Island
  9. Horseshoe Island
  10. Tingle Island
  11. Crescent Moon Island
  12. Five-Eye Reef
  13. Overlook Island
  14. Tower of the Gods
  15. Angular Isles
  16. Shark Island
  17. Ice Ring Isle
  18. Windfall Island
  19. Flight Control Platform
  20. Bomb Island
  21. Cyclops Reef
  22. Spectacle Island
  23. Diamond Steppe Island
  24. Northern Fairy Island
  25. Forsaken Fortress
  26. Northern Triangle Island
  27. Star Belt Archipelago
  28. Needle Rock Isle
  29. Mother and Child Isles
  30. Pawprint Isle
  31. Forest Haven
  32. Boating Course
  33. Five-Star Isles
  34. Eastern Triangle Island
  35. Islet of Steel
  36. Bird's Peak Rock
  37. Fire Mountain
  38. Three-Eye Reef
  39. Dragon Roost Island
  40. Headstone Island
  41. Four-Eye Reef