Star Island

From The Wind Waker Randomizer

Star Island is a small star-shaped island located at B1. It has a Secret Cave, a platform, a sunken treasure, and a Korok with a withered tree.



Original Item: Piece of Heart

Type: Combat Secret Caves

Star Island contains a combat cave that can be accessed by removing a boulder either by bombs or the Power Bracelets. The reward in the vanilla game is a Piece of Heart.

Lookout Platform

Original Item: Golden Feather

Type: Lookout Platforms and Rafts

There is a single platform that is south of the island that has a chest readily available without destroying the canons or the Bokoblins. The chest contains a Gold Feather in the vanilla game.

Sunken Treasure

Original Item: Silver Rupee

Type: Sunken Treasure

Open the treasure chart for Star Island and salvage up the treasure using the Grappling Hook. Without randomized charts, the chart for Star Island is Treasure Chart 7.