Refill Locations

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This is a page dedicated to finding places to replenish consumables and spoils.


Behind Grandma's House

Behind Grandma's house on Outset Island, on a little outcropping that requires the Deku Leaf to reach, there is a hidden pot that will appear if a Bomb is detonated on it. The pot contains an Orange Rupee (100)

Savage Labyrinth

Bird's Peak

Islet of Steel



The following Beedle locations sell Arrows:

  • Windfall
  • Tower of the Gods


The player's magic meter will be completely refilled if the player saves, quits, and reloads. It will also be refilled when visiting any Great Fairy for the first time.



Joy Pendants

Skull Necklaces

Moblins can be hit by the Grappling Hook for a Skull Necklace. Resetting the room will allow you to steal multiple necklaces from the same enemy. The most convenient locations to find them are in Northern Fairy Island submarine, Forsaken Fortress, or Hyrule.