Northern Fairy Island

From The Wind Waker Randomizer

Northern Fairy Island is located at C1. It is the home of one of the Great Fairies, in addition to containing a postbox, a submarine, three rafts, a Blue Chuchu, and a sunken treasure.


Great Fairy

Original Item: Progressive Wallet

Type: Great Fairies

This Great Fairy can be accessed without any items. In the vanilla game, this Great Fairy will give you a Wallet upgrade.


Original Item: Treasure Chart 22

Type: Submarines

This submarine can be completed without any items. The player will need to use the ropes to make it from one side of the submarine to the other, and the chest will appear when the player reaches the back room which contains a Treasure Chart in the vanilla game. If the player falls to the bottom level, they will be pursued by Moblins.

Sunken Treasure

Original Item: Silver Rupee

Type: Sunken Treasure

Open the treasure chart for Northern Fairy Island and salvage up the treasure using the Grappling Hook. Without randomized charts, the chart for Northern Fairy Island is Treasure Chart 24.