Boating Course

From The Wind Waker Randomizer

Boating Course is located at F7. It has an Overworld Check, a secret cave, a Blue Chuchu, and a sunken treasure.


Early Cave Entrance

Requires Chest Storage and Hero's Sword or Skull Hammer



Original Item: Boko Baba Seed

Type: Lookout Platforms and Rafts

Sail south of the island to find three rafts. The chest sits on the southern raft.


Original Item: Submarine Chart

Type: Puzzle Secret Caves, Combat Secret Caves

The entrance to this secret cave is on the north part of the island, which logically requires either Deku Leaf or Hookshot to access. Enter the cave and hit the three crystal switches with a ranged weapon to spawn the chest. Note that Miniblins will spawn endlessly within the cave.

Sunken Treasure

Original Item: Sea Hearts Chart

Type: Sunken Treasure

Open the treasure chart for Boating Course and salvage up the treasure using the Grappling Hook. Without randomized charts, the chart for Boating Course is Treasure Chart 32.