Horseshoe Island

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Horseshoe Island is located at A7. It has an Overworld Check, two lookout platforms, the Salvage Corp, and a sunken treasure.


Leafless Golf

1) Have your sword out in Link's hand, and get damaged by the first thorned wall. During your invulnerability, re-approach the wall to one of the first 3 gaps between thorns, and jumpslash forward diagonally (approximately 15-45 degrees) into the right thorn, so that you get re-hit near the peak of your jump. You may space and time this manually, or if you are knocked backwards, you may do this by immediately rolling into one of the valid gaps after you get up, and then immediately jumpslashing (with the correct ~30 degree angle). You will be damage boosted to the other side of the first wall.

2) As you come around the corner, run slightly inward alongside the left side of the left Deku Nut (if you run alongside it parallel, you have the chance to adjust inwards slightly before you reach the wall). Roughly when Link's left foot is on the border of grass and stone, straighten out your running angle to be parallel to the edge of the course. Get damaged by the thorned wall, and while downed, adjust your camera to be parallel to the edge of the course if it isn't already. During your invulnerability, hold up and roll when Link passes the dark line on the floor. You will roll along the edge of the island around the second wall.

3) Stand Link inside the gray markings on the edge of the course, behind the dark black line on the floor before the final wall. Use first person mode to look parallel to the edge of the course, towards the right side of the Deku Nut, and then jumpslash. You will be damage boosted to the other side of the third wall.


1) Try to aim where you take damage at on the wall, to be at the middle of one of the thorns; this will help you not get knocked sideways towards one of the invalid gaps, and being knocked backwards gives you the most flexibility in your angle. If you sail from Outset Island, you may accidentally lure one of the seahats to interfere with your L-targetting; either take the time to defeat it to avoid having your angle skewed, or you may frame-perfectly press L and A together to jumpslash without turning to face it.

2) The point of the involved setup is because so many things can go wrong on this roll. Your goal is not to jump off the ledge and land back on the course, but to not go off the course in the first place. The angle Link is knocked back is based on the positioning of where they touched the thorn, and not their movement angle:

  • If taking damage pushes you off the course, you didn't adjust inwards enough to touch grass with your left foot.
  • If you are too far inward on the course to roll along the black line after taking damage, you spent too long holding inwards before straightening out or adjusted too far inwards.
  • If Link jumps off the ledge next to the thorn and does not reach the other side, your angle was too far from parallel while rolling past the thorns, OR your roll input was either done too soon after getting up from knockdown, or done too late (roll startup makes Link wider, and the extra width can push him off the course).

3) The spacing is lenient, but it is easiest at the point where the grass spreads inwards. Your goal is not to go over or around the thorn, but to deliberately get hit in the middle of it.


Play Golf

Original Item: Treasure Chart 28

Type: Island Puzzles

The "horseshoe" of this island consists of three holes marked by flags. Link must use Leaf to blow the Deku Nuts into these holes. Vines will block Link's way, so each hole must be completed to move on to the next. For the first hole, pick up a nut and toss it over the vines. You can use the Leaf to blow it into the hole. Do the same for the second hole. For the third hole, vines will block access to the nut. Link will have to stand behind the vines and use the Leaf to blow the nut. Note that the Deku Nuts will wither and respawn after a while. Once Link completes the last hole, a chest will spawn in the middle of the island.


Original Item: Treasure Chart 8

Type: Combat Secret Caves

Enter the secret cave after the third hole and by the Old Man Ho ho. Defeat the two Mothulas and the Winged Mothula inside to spawn a chest.

Northwestern Lookout Platform

Original Item: Skull Necklace

Type: Lookout Platforms and Rafts

Step on the switch on the southeastern lookout platform to spawn a chest on the northwestern one. Then, climb up the northwestern lookout platform to get the chest.

Southeastern Lookout Platform

Original Item: Golden Feather

Type: Lookout Platforms and Rafts

Step on the switch on the northwestern lookout platform to spawn a chest on the southeastern one. Then, climb up the southeastern lookout platform to get the chest.

Sunken Treasure

Original Item: Silver Rupee

Type: Sunken Treasure

Open the treasure chart for Horseshoe Island and salvage up the treasure using the Grappling Hook. Without randomized charts, the chart for Horseshoe Island is Treasure Chart 9.