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10 Inch 20 Inch PP Cotton Water Filter Cartridges for sale Wuxi ANGE Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is an ISO-certified professional manufacturer specializing in producing pp melt blown filter, head shower filter, activated carbon rod filter, activated carbon fiber filter, compound activated carbon filter and PP string wound filter for household and industry. Above all kinds of products we accept customized. We have more than 20 years experience in mechanical design and filter cartridges production. Our filter cartridges products have been exported to the United States, South Korea, Japan, Italy, India and other major countries and have been received good reputation by customers. We sincerely invite and welcome you to our company and discuss cooperation. Our factory has 20 years history and it is located in Wuxi city which is close to Shanghai by 2 hours driving. The transportation is very convenient both by driving or railway. Our company covers nearly over 6000 square meters. 20 sets of PP melt blown filter producing lines and 10 sets of activated carbon producing lines. It has over 50 workers who mainly produce filter making machines and all kinds of filter products. Our products are received a good reputation and sold many foreign countries in the world. Our factory has strict production system and products have good quality. It is wise to choose us. We sincerely invite and welcome you to our company and discuss cooperation. Our SGS Certificate Production Market Our products have been exported to Asia, Europe, North America and Africa and more than 20 countries in the world, our customer give the good reputation for our products and service.10 Inch 20 Inch PP Cotton Water Filter Cartridges for sale website:

AAMI Level 3 Isolation Gown factory

AAMI Level 3 Isolation Gown factory Our History Hiknow Medical company is a trusted and one of the world's leading provider of high quality infection,,single use and preventive products for the medical,dental,industrial,laboratory,health and beauty markets. We offer only carefully selected products that use superior materials and manufacturing processes to provide protection you can count on.Hiknow medical have a strong network of distribution guarantee global presence in cooperation with our business partners. Our Factory Hiknow medical Quality Management is the ethical basis our company was founded on.The production facilities are internationally certified ( ISO, CE,FDA etc.)and frequently conduct internal and third party inspections to guarantee that all of our products meet and exceed the standards required by our distributors. We believe the success of a long-term relationship with our clients is based not only on delivering the right product at the right price, but also reliability through constant improvement. Our vision is a global healthcare company with a customer-centric commitment to excellence. Our Product Non wowen protective products ,disposable face mask ,disposable isolation gown , disposable caps ,disposable shoe covers and disposable boot cover . Product Application Products to be used in medical, dental ,industrial ,laboratory, health and beauty markets. Our Certificate CE and FDA registration , passed NQA ISO 13485 Production Equipment Heat-sealing Machine 106 Sewing Machine 82 Cutting Machine 4 Casting Film Production Line 1 Laminating Machine 2 Face Mask Machine 10 Production Market Hiknow medical鈥榮 products are served for more than 40 countries worldwide and enjoyed good reputation in domestic and foreign markets. Our Service Hiknow medical is dedicated to creating customer partnerships through strong relationships, offering high-value,quality products and outstanding service through ongoing process improvement. We strive to provide distributors the most trusted branded and private label products and exceptional value.We bring the passion to everything which create for remarkable customer experiences. AAMI Level 3 Isolation Gown factory website:

卸売り 透明ウエディングドレス防塵袋

卸売り 透明ウエディングドレス防塵袋 瑾犲疅銇ㄤ俊鐢ㄣ倰鏍规湰銇仐銇︺€侀潻鏂般倰鏃椼伀銇椼伨銇欍€?br/> 娓┿倎銇偟銉笺儞銈广倰鎻愪緵銇欍倠銆佺銇熴仭銇銇勩仸銇勩伨銇欍€?/p> 銉戙儍銈儶銉冦儊銇?009骞淬伀鍓电珛銇曘倢銆佸寘瑁呰=鍝併伀灏傚康銇椼仸銇勩伨銇欍€傘儭銉笺偒銉笺仺杓稿嚭妤倰鍏笺伃銈嬬窂鍚堜紒妤仹銇欍€傚壍绔嬩互鏉ャ€佺閬斻伅鈥滃彇寮曞厛銈掓垚銇楅亗銇掋仸銆佽嚜宸便伄渚″€ゃ倰瀹熺従銇椼伨銇欌€濄仺銇勩亞浣垮懡銈掑疅琛屻仐銇︺€佽獱瀹熴仺銈点兗銉撱偣銈掑畧銇c仸銆佸彇寮曞厛銇搁珮鍝佽唱銇=鍝併仺銈点兗銉撱偣銈掓彁渚涖仐銇俱仚銆備細绀俱伄妤妇銇?骞撮€g稓銇?0%澧椼亪銈嬨仐銆佸競鍫翠笂銇ц壇銇勮鍒ゃ倰銈傘倝銇勩伨銇椼仧銆?/p> 鐝惧湪宸ュ牬銇暦鍦伴潰绌嶃伅8000銕°仹銆?00鍙般倰瓒呫亪銈嬪厛閫茶ō鍌欍倰鎸併仯銇︺亜銇俱仚銆傚勾闁撶敓鐢h兘鍔涖伅700涓囦欢銈掕秴銇堛仸銇勩伨銇欍€傜閬斻伄瑁藉搧銇ó椤炪亴璞婂瘜銇с€併儠銈°儍銈枫儳銉炽仾瑷▓銇椼仸銇勩伨銇欍€備富銇=鍝併伅銈枫儳銉冦償銉炽偘銉愩儍銈般€併偖銉曘儓銉愩儍銈般€佹磱鏈嶃偒銉愩兗銆併儔銉偣銈儛銉笺€佸寲绮с儛銉冦偘銆併儠銈°儍銈枫儳銉炽儛銉冦偘銇仼銇屻亗銈娿伨銇欍€備笉绻斿竷銆丳VC銆丳EVA/EVA銆併儕銈ゃ儹銉炽€併儩銉偍銈广儐銉仾銇┿伄鏉愭枡銇с偑銉偢銉娿儷銇倐銇倰浣溿倝銈屻伨銇椼仧銆?br/> 绉侀仈銇亰瀹㈡銇仧銈併伀銈笺儹銇嬨倝銉兂銇俱仹鏂规銈掍綔銈娿€佽=鍝併伄鍝佽唱銇ㄧ磵鏈熴倰鏈€閬╁寲銇椼仸銇勩伨銇欍€傘€屻偍銈炽€嶃伄鐢熺敚鐞嗗康銈掑彈銇戙仸銆佸啀鐢熸潗鏂欍倰婧愩亱銈夊彇銈婂嚭銇椼伨銇欍€傛潗鏂欍伄浠曞叆銈屻仺鐢熺敚銇嬨倝閬嬮€併伨銇с€佸悇娈甸殠銇у幊銇椼亸銈炽兂銉堛儹銉笺儷銇椼€侀珮鍝佽唱銇=鍝併伄杓稿嚭銈掍繚瑷笺仐銇俱仚銆傜閬斻伅绌嶆サ鐨勩伀鍙栧紩鍏堛仺鎵撱仭鍚堛倧銇涖€佽獱瀹熴仺淇$敤銇у彇寮曞厛銇偟銉笺儞銈广倰鎻愪緵銇欍倠銆傘伨銇熴€佸皬銉儍銉堛仺銈兗銉€銉笺儭銈ゃ儔銈点兗銉撱偣銈掋偟銉濄兗銉堛仐銇俱仚銆傘倛銈婇€熴亜蹇滅瓟閫熷害銇с€併倛銈婄煭銇勭磵鏈熴仹銆併亰瀹㈡銇屽競鍫淬伄鍏堥牠銈掑崰銈併倠銈堛亞銇€傛渶澶с伄绲屾笀鍔规灉銈掑壍閫犮仚銈嬨倛銇嗐伀鍔倎銇︺亜銇俱仚銆?br/> 绉侀仈銇亰瀹㈡銇0銇€炽倰鍌俱亼銇︺€侀潻鏂般仐銇︺€佹敼鍠勩仐銇︺€佸搧璩亴銈堛倞銈堛亸銇︺€併倛銈婂畨銇勮=鍝併仺楂樺姽鐜囦笖銇ゅ劒绉€銇偟銉笺儞銈广倰浣溿倞涓娿亽銈嬨亾銇ㄣ倰灏傚康銇椼仸銇勩伨銇欍€傜従鍦ㄣ€佷細绀俱伄瑁藉搧銇偆銈裤儶銈€佺背鍥姐€併儹銈枫偄銇仼澶氥亸銇浗銇几鍑恒仌銈屻€併偆銈裤儶銈伄銉堛儍銉椼偣銉兗銇キ鑰呫仺闀锋湡鐨勩伀鍙嬪ソ鐨勩仾鍗斿姏闁總銈掗仈鎴愩仐銇︺亜銇俱仚銆?/p> 瑾犱俊銇€併倛銈婅壇銇勮=鍝併伄銇熴倎銇犮亼銇€傛湭鏉ャ伅銆佺閬斻伅瑾犲疅銇ㄤ俊鐢ㄣ倰瀹堛倞銆侀潻鏂般倰琛屻亜銆佷笘鐣屼竴娴併伄鍖呰瑁藉搧銉栥儵銉炽儔銈掔洰鎸囥仐銇﹀叏鍔涖仹鍓嶃伀閫层伩銇俱仚銆?/p> 寤堥杸銉戙儍銈儶銉冦儊鏈夐檺浼氱ぞ鍥哄畾闆昏┍: +0086-592-6019102 闆昏┍鐣彿: +8613313861021 Whatsapp/Wechat:+86 13950003277 銉°兗銉? [email protected] 銈儔銉偣: 绂忓缓鐪併偄銉偆甯傛箹閲屽尯鏉辨浮閵€绔溿儞銉?103c卸売り 透明ウエディングドレス防塵袋 website:

china Pastel C Printing Ink suppliers

china Pastel C Printing Ink suppliers OUR FACTORY Guangdong Jiajing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kagem), founded in 1999, specializes in the R&D, production and sales of water-based inks, water-based varnishes, water-based acrylic resins, water-based acrylic emulsions, pearlescent binders and other eco-friendly water-based printing materials. Our products can be applied to flexographic, gravure, spray coating or scrape coating printing processes of printing substrates such as paper, cardboard, plastic film, aluminum foil, etc., involving color coated paper packaging, corrugated carton packaging, plastic flexible packaging, pharmaceutical packaging and other printing industries. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "win-win cooperation and common development", Kagem has provided customized eco-friendly printing solutions for thousands of customers based on actual printing conditions. With over 20 years of experience and industry persistence, Kagem has become the largest manufacturer of eco-friendly water-based inks in China. The total investment of plant and equipment is several hundred million yuan, covering an area of over 25,000m虏 and the company has an annual output of more than 30,000 tons. Our independent R&D team, scientific quality management system and advanced production and testing equipments are the core competitiveness of the company. We have obtained 12 patents and the products are sold to over 30 countries at home and abroad. Keeping the craftsmanship spirit and the concept of sustainable development, Kagem will continue to promote the technological innovation and popularization of eco-friendly water-based inks, and lead the development of water-based ink technology to ceramics, wood, plastics and other substrates and high-end new products, so as to become a world leading enterprise of water-based ink. OUR PRODUCT Water based ink, Water-based Varnish, Water-based Polymer, Water-based Color Paste PRODUCT APPLICATION Fine packing box, Outer packing box, Food packaging, Logistics packaging, Daily necessities printing OUR CERTIFICATE USFDA standard, GB9685-2016 Standard, REACH standard of EU Chemical Safety Standards, EN71-3 safety standards for children's products, CONEG US Packaging Material Safety Standards, ROHS 2.0 EU Electronic Material Safety Standards, VOC limit requirements for cigarette packaging, MSDS.SGS, OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL. PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT Fully automatic acrylic resin emulsion synthesis reactor, Automatic ink dispenser, Automatic batching tank, Automatic grinding and dispersing equipment, Large storage tanks, Constant temperature raw materials warehouse. Production Market Kagem is headquartered in Dongguan, Guangdong, it offers high-quality and timely services, and the company has set 8 direct sales service centers throughout the country, and cooperates with nearly 300 dealers. Our sales and service network covers all provinces and cities nationwide. The Foreign Trade Department of Kagem was established in 2012 and focused on the development of overseas market of water-based inks. The company has established long-term partnership with many foreign water-based inks agents and overseas water-based ink end users. Our products are sold to more than 30 countries around the world and the global sales network will continue to expand.china Pastel C Printing Ink suppliers website:

Bulk Tumbler with Straw

Bulk Tumbler with Straw Detailed Information Product Name:Tumbler with Metal Straw Capacity:16oz Size:10.2*17.5cm Material:inner 304 stainless steel with outer 201 stainless steel MOQ:3000pcs OEM:color of bottle, logo, gift box, and package way all can be customized Usage:gift, home, office, school Structure:double wall insulation structure Carton Size:45*45*21cm, 16pcs/ctn Accessories:stainless steel straw Sample Time:stock sample: 3-5 working days; custom sample: 10-15 working days Feature 鈼?NICE APPERANCE - The fashionable appearance makes you have a good drinking experience in both outdoor and indoor. 鈼?RELIABLE MATERIAL - 304 or 18/8 stainless steel, which is food grade and BPA free recycle material. It will make your daily drinking healthier and eco-friendly. 鈼?SUITABLE APPLICATION - You can take your coffee mug to everywhere. You can use it in office, home, gym, classroom, dormitory or even your car and so on. 鈼?EASY TO CLEAN - The design is convenient for people to clean the bottom and every corner of tumbler inside. And a sponge brush can help you clean the mug more easily. 鈼?BPA FREE STRAW LID - Eco-friendly 201 stainless steel layer with pp plastic inside. There is a hole in the middle of lid that can make a straw through it. 鈼?nbsp;16oz and 24oz Double Wall Stainless Steel Coffee Mug 鈼?nbsp;Smooth Round Mouth with Stainless Steel Lid with Metal Straw FAQ 1. Is the custom color available and do you need Pantone color code number? We can do customized color based on your request. Yes. The pantone C number is required, such as 419C. For pantone TPX or TCX color, our paint cannot use it now. We can mix the color based on actual color sample, but it will not be as similar as mixing based on Pantone C color. 2. What鈥?s your delivery port? Ningbo Port is our usual port. The second choice is Shanghai Port. 3. Can I get the sample? Is it stock sample or customized sample? Sure. You can get samples from us. Please send us a message and show the pic of product you need. Our salesperson will contact with you asap. If you want to make the custom sample, please attach your requirement of customization, too. And the cost of making customized sample is higher than stock sample. 4. What鈥?s the price term you quote? It鈥?s FOB Ningbo unit price (US dollar) usually. If the amount is lower 3000pcs, we will quote with EXW price. Also, if you want CNY unit price is also no problem. Please inform us at first. 5. What kind of certificate do you have? BSCI for factory, and LFGB certifications for some other products. Our products can pass the LFGB standard, you can do other tests as you need.Bulk Tumbler with Straw website:

Vacuum Packing Machine

Vacuum Packing Machine Ouxin OX-540C touch convex cover vacuum machine vacuum bag sealing machine Product parameters ModelOX-440COX-540COX-640COX-640SC Voltage110-220v/50-60hz Power of pump900w900W900W1.8KW Heat-sealing power500w500W500W700W Lower absolute pressure1.33kpa Volume of vacuum case (mm)440*400*10540*500*150640*600*150640*600*150 Sealing strip size (mm)420*10520*10600*10600*10 Number of heater2pcs Material of vacuum case and hullStainless steel Exhaustment of vacuum pump20m鲁/h20m鲁/h20m鲁/h40m鲁/h Dimension (mm)550*570*760650*665*770650*765*780650*765*780 Weight (kg)65kg95KG110KG125kg Features of OXIN Touch Vacuum Machine OX-540C 1.Automatic processing of vacuuming, sealing, printing and cooling 2.Widely used in vacuum packaging for food, medicine, aquatic, chemical, electronic and other industries. It can prevent products from oxidation, mildew, corrosion and moisture, maintain quality and freshness, and prolong storage time. 3.Provide perfect solution for food safety and kitchen cooking with convenient service Wuyi Ouxin Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. WuYi OuXin Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd was established in 2014, which located in WuYi ,ZheJiang ,China. It is a professional company specialized in manufacturing and marketing vacuum packaging machines, filling machine,and related materials such as packing bags and so on . Our packaging machine is widely used to the packaging of food,medical products,chemical,commodities and etc with the characteristics of reasonable designs, simple operation and superior quality with competitive price . The products have passed authoritative certification of ISO9001 and CE . All the indexes are in line with international standard. Welcome to visit us and get more cooperation. Packing & DelieryVacuum Packing Machine website:

Magnetic Power Bank manufacturers

Magnetic Power Bank manufacturers Product Introduction The portable magnetic power bank has a beautiful and compact appearance. The product supports format logo customization: laser engraving, silk screen logo, color box printing, carton customization, and various solutions. Product Specification Product namePortable Magnetic Power Bank ModelCX50 FeaturesQuick charge support,magnetic,wireless charger Power10W Input5V/3A Output5V/3A MaterialABS+PC Product size88*55*12.5mm Weight127g ColorWhite,blace锛実reen锛宐lue Wireless output15W Prodection Details 鈻?Strong magnetic force: portable magnetic wireless power bank, you can take pictures while charging, small size, one-touch, precise positioning makes wireless charging faster and easier 鈻?Seamless adsorption and one sticking: corresponding to the magnetic patch in the mobile phone case, to prevent the situation of non-fitting and scalding the machine 鈻?18W two-way fast charging: The USB-C port supports fast charging for the mobile power supply itself, and the corresponding fast charging configurator is used to charge itself. The input can reach 18W Max, which greatly shortens its own charging time. Production process FAQ 1.Can I get the sample order? A: Yes. We welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mix sample are acceptable. 2.How do you ship the goods and how long does it take arrive? A: We usually ship by DHL, EMS, Fedex or TNT. It usually takes 6-8 work days to arrive. But it will depend on different areas. 3. Can I print my logo on the products? A: Yes, we can print your logo on the products. We can offer free printing Logo if the order quantities over 1000pcs. 4.Do you offer guarantee for the products? A: Yes, we offer one year warranty for the product. 5.How do I pay for my purchase? A: We accept the following payment methods: T/T, Western Union, Paypal, L/C.Magnetic Power Bank manufacturers website:

low price Diamond Saw Blade

low price Diamond Saw Blade Product Description The Silent granite saw blade produced by our company have exclusive formula and mature technology. We have selected high-quality and stable metal powder and diamond single crystal suppliers over the years to ensure consistent product quality. The Silent granite saw blade has the characteristics of excellent cutting speed, Super sharpness, long cutting life and stable quality, and is widely trusted by customers! Application Used for cutting granite, basalt, sandstone, andesite stone, concrete etc. Features 1). The Silent granite saw blade has good sharpness and high efficiency at the process of cutting; 2). The Silent granite saw blade has perfect high working performance without chip or breaking slates while cutting. 3). Working safe, quiet, and precise, 4). High efficiency with reducing cutting & working time 5). Great adaptability & No chipping Size Specification Diameter(inch)Diameter(mm)Segment Size(mm)Segment NumbersHole(mm) 14"35040*3.3*152425.4/50/60 Product Specifications Diameter(inch)Diameter(mm)Segment Size(mm)Segment NumbersHole(mm) 10"25039(28)*3.2*13(14/15)17(23)25.4/50/60 12"30039(28)*3.2*13(14/15)21(29)25.4/50/60 14"35040(28)(20)*3.3*(12)(15)(20)24(34)(46)25.4/50/60 16"40040(28)(20)*3.8*12(15)(20)28(38)(52)50/60 18"45038(40)*4.4*10(12)(15)(20)3250/60 20"50038(40)*4.4*10(12)(15)(20)3650/60/90 24"60038(40)*4.9*10(12)(15)(20)4250/60/90 28"70038(40)*5.2*10(12)(15)(20)5050/60/90 32"80038(40)*6.2*10(12)(15)(20)5650/60/90 Producing Process Applicable Equipment Suitable for infrared bridge cutting machine, table cutting machine, hand-held saw etc. Packing Inner box + outer carton+ pallets Delivery Express + air shipment+ sea shipment FAQ Q1: What can you provide for us? A1: We are a professional manufacturer of diamond saw blades. Through more than 20 years of effort, we have cooperated with many customers at home and abroad and got very good feedback. We can provide our factory direct sale price for all of our products. Q2: How to guarantee the quality of our products? A2: We've been a power tool supplier for more than 20 years and have established stable relationships with international first-line brands so we can provide the quality of the brand with OEM prices and make you more competitive in the market. Besides, we solemnly promise If there are any quality problems we will be 100% responsible for rectification. Q3: Can you accept customized orders? A3: Yes, we can work together to build your own brand and product system and recommend you the best product to build your own range to increase your competitiveness. Q4: Do you have team to design our packaging ? A4: Yes. We have a professional design team and provide customized designing from colour system to packaging. The most important point is that it is free for you. Q5: Can you ship my order to my contact in China? A5: Of course, yes. We will work with your contacts in China to make sure you will receive your orders on time.low price Diamond Saw Blade website:

Custom Stainless Steel Sheet Metal 4x8

Custom Stainless Steel Sheet Metal 4x8 Company Information Shandong Daye Pipes Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, as a professianl company with combined service covering trade and processing of stainless steel coil, sheet, rod ect, supported by ready stocks to meet requirements of prompt shipment. With years growth, we had achieved strategic cooperation with many stainless steel mills, including TISCO, BAOSTEEL, POSCO(ZPSS) and others prime grade. We have 2000 square meters of storage and processing center which covered equipment using in slitting, cutting in horizontal, laser cutting, plasma and grinding machine and embossing machine. We mainly sell stainless steel sheet, pipes, coils, bands, section bars and so on which are applied in decoration, medical industry, food industry, construction industry etc, and have gained gain good feedback and establish mutual trust with our clients. According to your requirement we can process brushed film, 6k, 8k mirror, polishing, yellow titanium, black titanium, rose gold, no fingerprint, and all kinds of colored stainless steel sheet. Why Choose Us Advantages we have A. Specialized in stainless steel for 10 years full with experience; B. Advanced processing equipment to customize as your requirement; C. Rich store with best price; D. Professional package to guarantee the products without any deficiency; E. Verified by BV of alibaba and have credit guarantee; F. 7/24 service for you, all the questions will be dealed within 24 hours. Benefits you get: A. Stable quality: Coming from good materials and technic B. Lower price: Not cheapest but the lowest at the same quality C. Good service: Satisfactory service before and after sale D. Delivery time: within 15 days after we get 30% T/T from the buyer FAQ: 1. How many countries have you exported to? We have exported our products to over 30 countries, mainly in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. 2. Do you provide free samples? Yes, we will deliver through the international express, like UPS, AHL, TNT. 3. Do you have mill test certificate? Yes, we have, we can guarantee the quality of our product. 4. Can we visit your company? Yes, welcome to visit our company. 5. How can you guarantee the quality? If the deficiency of the product is our fault, we will take responsibilities to change the it and take on the shipping fees. 6. Do you have verified certificate? Yes, we are verified by BV.Custom Stainless Steel Sheet Metal 4x8 website:

Trailer Adjustable Landing Gear made in China

Trailer Adjustable Landing Gear made in China Our History Shandong Yahua Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, and the trailer support became the first development project In 2012, the factory was set up and moved to Quanpu Industrial Park (27,000 square meters) to realize full control of R&D, production and sales. The trailer suspension system was added in 2013, the air suspension was developed in 2018, and officially launched in 2019 To build a factory in 2019, Yahua Machinery Co., Ltd. will increase its Yatai section steel to realize the integration of supply sources In 2020, we will build a factory, add trailer axle systems, and start production Our Factory Yahua adheres to innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, and cultural innovation, expands the development space of the enterprise in innovation, enriches the connotation of corporate culture, improves the quality of corporate image, and promotes development into a world-class enterprise, dares to surpass itself, and continuously produces more high-quality products Create new glory. Our Product Trailer Support, Electric Support, Trailer Suspension, Air Suspension, Trailer Accessories, Axles. Product Application Trailer bottom Production Equipment The company has strong technical force, advanced technology and complete equipment. It has more than 20 stamping equipment such as 600T fast hydraulic press, 300T hydraulic press, laser cutting machine, robot automatic welding equipment, more than 30 sets of various mechanical processing equipment, CO2 gas shielded welding machine, DC welding machine, and other welding equipment. More than 50 sets, and has a complete range of quality testing equipment. High-quality workforce, advanced production technology and equipment, and perfect testing methods ensure the quality of our products. Adhere to market-oriented, science and technology for progress, and strive to establish a superior scientific research and development mechanism, strictly standardize the production of products, strictly control the quality, and strive to improve the quality of the workforce, 100% of employees have been professionally trained and assessed. Production Market Yahua insists on innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, cultural innovation, expands the development space of the enterprise in innovation, enriches the connotation of enterprise culture, improves the quality of enterprise image, brand, modern information platform and capital guarantee, and actively expands overseas channels to promote the development of the international market. And exported to Russia, Iran, Malaysia, Dubai, Iraq, Nigeria, Zambia, the United States and other 50 countries and regions. Charming water in Liangshan", "Integrity Yahua", we always pursue the business philosophy of "survive by quality", "develop by reputation" and "customer-centric", let the products win customers, let customers trust the products, mutual benefit, and conspiracy Development, Shandong Yahua has established long-term, extensive economic and trade cooperation and strategic partnership with a number of large enterprises and customers, and has always been recognized by them. Our Service Pre-sale service: (1) Patiently introduce product content and quality to users in detail (2) Provide users with technical problems such as technology/products/maintenance/use characteristics in a timely manner. If users need to provide service problems, the company will send excellent technical personnel to provide technical consultation for customers as soon as possible. In-sale service: (1) Record and track the dynamics of all users who intend to purchase (2) After the user purchases, understand the inspection of the goods, product model, product quality, whether it meets customer needs, and other customer needs (3) Ensure that the installation is guided by the arrival of the goods, the user introduces the product, and assists in the installation, and introduces the installation, usage and technical requirements After-sales service: (1) If users have quality problems when using our company's products, they will be dealt with in real time after receiving customer requests. (2) The quality of the product is dealt with until the customer is satisfied (3) "Product Quality Responsible Person System". After signing the contract, product manufacturing, warehousing, installation, delivery, the whole process is responsible for the whole process to improve the quality of the project.Trailer Adjustable Landing Gear made in China website:

Wall Hung Mirrored Floating Vanity Combo price

Wall Hung Mirrored Floating Vanity Combo price Zhejiang Fabiao Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd Zhejiang Fabiao Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd. is an integrated professional bathroom product manufacturing company including R&D, designation, production, and sales. With the ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14000 environment system certification, Fabiao uses ERP production information management system for daily operation. At present, our freestanding acrylic bathtubs, intelligent toilets, cabinets, under counters and other products are well received by the customers at home and abroad. Fabiao has achieved 'The Top Ten Brand of Recognized Quality in China', 'China's Top Ten Green Bathroom Industry Brand', and many other awards, and accessed to a number of appearance patents, utility model patents. Now Fabiao has more than 400 franchised stores and dealers around China. Fabiao's products have also been exported to Russia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Germany, Brazil, Australia, and many other countries. COMPANY PROFILE Company Name: ZHEJIANG FABIAO SANITARY WARE CO., LTD ADD: No. 58 Tianhu South Road ,Qujiang Economic Development Zone ,Quzhou City ,Zhejiang Province Mob:+8618157019977 Web: Main products: Bathtub,Bathroom vanity,toilet,basin Year established锛?007 Our Product Bathtub (freestanding bathtub,jacuzzi bathtub,drop-in bathtub); Bathroom cabinet; Basin, toilet (acrylic, ordinary ceramic, intelligent toilet, wall mounted toilet); bathroom mirror; Shower room, shower tray, hardware shower Product Application Bathroom, hotel, shopping mall, engineering Our Certificate Production Equipment Production Market Europe and the United States (Canada, the United States, Poland, Belgium, Romania, the United Kingdom), Australia, the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman), Southeast Asia Our Service OEM;Customized service;free product design;free HD products photo; shipping solution; instant online serviceWall Hung Mirrored Floating Vanity Combo price website:

Customized Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine

Customized Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine Features Non-contact heating, suitable for plastic bottles, glass bottles and all kinds of plastic hose sealing, etc., in line with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. The sealing efficiency is high, the operation is simple, and the adaptability is wide. It is currently the most advanced technology applicable to chemical products such as pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, health products, cosmetics, and oils. Water-cooled and air-cooled machines can be customized according to user requirements, and can be produced with automatic assembly lines, or work independently. The water-cooled electromagnetic induction sealing machine adopts an all-stainless steel mold to form the shell, which is beautiful and generous. Principles and Characteristics 1. This machine adopts a double water-cooled self-circulating cooling system to cool the induction head and power tube separately. 2. All electronic components used are international first-line brand products 3. Stainless steel shell with chain plate conveyor, split structure, digital display, beautiful and easy to use. 4. This machine is equipped with water cut, overcurrent and overvoltage protection functions. Production Parameters Power: 4KW Weight: 150Kg Dimensions: 1300脳930脳1200mm (length 脳 width 脳 height) Production Capacity: 30-50 bottles/minCustomized Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine website: