Getting Started

From The Wind Waker Randomizer

Download and Installing

The latest Wind Waker Randomizer client can be found here:

Check the readme for information on how to install.

More information can be found on the official discord server (see below) but here are some additional links:


Speed up Disc Transfer Rate

Speed up Disc Transfer Rate.png

If you're using the Dolphin emulator, you should enable "Speed up Disc Transfer Rate". This can be found by right clicking on the game, selecting "properties", then press the "Speed up Disc transfer Rate" checkbox to be a tick.

This option is allowed for races.

Join the Discords

There are two main discords that you should join if you are looking for more information about Wind Waker Randomizer. Both servers contain their own resources with guides on how to get set up.

Wind Waker Randomizer

This is the official Wind Waker Randomizer official discord. While it does contain a substantial amount of information about the game, it does not tend to discuss speedrunning strategies.

TWW Randomizer Racing

This is the main Wind Waker Randomizer racing server where races and events are organised, and strategies are discussed. This is where you will find a majority of techniques and routes used among the community.

Learning to race

There is no right way to learn how to race Wind Waker. Everyone learns things in different ways. This section will provide some guidance on how to get started, and some important tricks to learn.

Review races

One of the easiest way to gain an understanding of what you can accomplish in Wind Waker is by watching races. The racing discord will always show when a Wind Waker race is currently ongoing, and nearly all runners will have a Twitch channel associated with their account streaming their race.

In addition, the ZeldaSpeedruns Youtube channel will contain restreams of past races with commentary. Commentators will usually explain the thought process behind runners, and occasionally provide additional info of the tricks they are doing.

Glitches to learn

Storage is main glitch for racing Wind Waker Randomizer. It is used in a variety of different ways allowing you to skip a majority of cutscenes and intended routes throughout dungeons and the overworld. It should be one of the first things you learn.

One of the most significant and simple usage of storage is to shorten the Helmaroc King boss fight, a fight nortorious for long sequences of idle waiting due to RNG.

Additional Resoucrces

The Unofficial Wind Waker Randbook, v 1.5

TWWR Strats

More can be found in the Resources section.

In addition, seeks out the community the TWW Randomizer Racing discord. We are all open to providing support when requested.

Finally, try watching past Vods of runners and learn from them. They provide the best demonstration of different techniques in various circumstances.

Practice File

A practice file can be created in order to quickly move around the world of Wind Waker allowing you to easily practice specific glitches and strategies. Check out the Mapselect page for more information