Dragon Roost Island

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Dragon Roost Island is a volcanic island inhabited by the Ritos located at F2. It has a dungeon, a secret cave, a mailbox, and 3 Overworld Checks.


Rock Skip


Dragon Roost Cavern

Main page: Dragon Roost Cavern

Dragon Roost Cavern is entered by using Bombs or the Deku Leaf to traverse over a lava pit outside the Rito Village.

Dragon Roost Secret Cave

Dragon Roost Secret Cave is a combat cave located on the east side of the island, near the Wind Shrine. According to the randomizer's logic, the cave can be entered by using bombs or Power Bracelets to remove the boulder on top of it. The cave can also be entered without items by using the a bomb flower.


Wind Shrine

Original Item: Treasure Chart 13

Type: Miscellaneous

Rito Aerie - Give Hoskit 20 Golden Feathers

Original Item: Orange Rupee

Type: Spoils Trading

Chest on Top of Boulder

Original Item: Silver Rupee

Type: Island Puzzles

Fly Across Platforms Around Island

Original Item: Orange Rupee

Type: Island Puzzles

Without Leaf

With Leaf

Rito Aerie - Baito

Original Item: Note to Mom

Type: Minigames

Within the mail room of dragon roost island, on the second floor there is the mail minigame. First you need to win the minigame 3 times by scoring more than 10, 20, and 25 mails. Afterwards, leave the area via a loading transition screen. There is a door to the outside directly to the left.

Return back to the mail counter and Baito will be standing there instead. Speak to him and score more than 25 mails in order to do this check.

Secret Cave

Original Item: Purple Rupee

Type: Combat Secret Caves

Sunken Treasure

Original Item: Silver Rupee

Type: Sunken Treasure

Open the treasure chart for Dragon Roost Island and salvage up the treasure using the Grappling Hook. Without randomized charts, the chart for Dragon Roost Island is Treasure Chart 39.